General Counsel Advisory Committee

The mission of the GCAC is to engage attorneys employed as general counsels as mentors and advisers to students enrolled in the Wake Forest School of Law. Advance the School of Law by leveraging the knowledge, experience, and network of general counsels. Advise and provide an environment that encourages the Dean, faculty, students, and general counsels to freely share ideas, strategies, and philosophical approaches to representation and in-house careers. Advise programmatic development/enhancement for Business Law Program and MSL Program. Assist Employment Office. Attended annual Fall GCAC meeting, volunteer on ad hoc basis as called upon by the Chair and Logan Roach (staff manager), and help students navigate in-house careers.

For more information about the General Counsel Advisory Committee, please contact Logan Roach at or 336-758-2676.

GCAC Members 2020-2021:

Yemi Adegbonmire (’00, JD ’05) Jeff Harvey (JD/MBA ’97)
Paula Banks (JD ’93) Sam Hayes (JD ’98)
Shauna Barnes (JD ’10) Dan Kennedy (JD ’90, P ’18)
Tim Belisle (JD ’92, MBA ’04) Brian Lansing (JD ’92)
Susannah Bennett (JD ’90) Owen Lewis (’91, JD ’94, P ’20)
Alison Bost (JD ’97) Jason Loring (JD ’06)
Will Brewer (JD ’95) Jeff Miller (JD/MBA ’96)
Ann Byrd (JD ’00) Knut Nodeland (JD/MBA ’06)
Troy Cahill (JD ’99) Steve Owens (JD ’80)
Rebecca Cohenour (’08, JD ’11) Jeff Patton (JD ’94)
Keenan Conder (JD ’89) Julian Philpott (JD ’78)
Tamara Conn (JD ’95) Reed Ramsay (JD ’90, P ’17)
Courtney Dickey (’04) Mike Roberson (JD ’83)
Ashley Ellis (JD ’05) Brad Roehrenbeck (’01, JD ’05)
Chris Fox (JD/MBA ’93) David Ruppert (JD ’03)
Lew Gardner (JD ’83) David Sousa (JD ’81, P ’10)
Mike Going (JD ’87) Craig Taylor (’98, JD ’01)
Anne Hance (JD ’02) Edwin Williamson (JD/MBA ’89)
Burgin Hardin (JD ’08) Steven Wilson (JD ’97)
Judd Hartman (JD ’89) Burk Wyatt (JD ’87, P ’22)