Law Board of Visitors

The purpose of the LBOV is to assist, in an advisory capacity, the Dean, the faculty and students of the School of Law in strengthening its total educational enterprise. This includes leadership and guidance related to career services, admissions, curriculum, clinics, fundraising, and the strategic plans for the law school’s future.

The LBOV helps formulate and carry out the law school’s plans for capital development. The LBOV’s responsibility shall include advice and assistance to the Board of Trustees and the officers of the School and University in their plans to raise funds, the establishment of committees to conduct special fund appeals on request of the Board of Trustees, the identification of potential sources of substantial gifts and bequests, and the cultivation of interest in the School among these sources in order that they may be encouraged to provide such gifts and bequests.

For questions about the LBOV, please contact Paul Wingate at or 336-758-6800.

2019-2020 LBOV Roster:

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