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Board of Visitors

The purpose of the Board is to assist, in an advisory capacity, the Dean, the faculty and students of the School of Law in strengthening its total educational enterprise. This includes leadership and guidance related to career services, admissions, curriculum, clnics, fundraising, and the strategic plans for the law school’s future.

The Board helps formulate and carry out the law school’s plans for capital development. The Board’s responsibility shall include advice and assistance to the Board of Trustees and the officers of the School and University in their plans to raise funds, the establishment of committees to conduct special fund appeals on request of the Board of Trustees, the identification of potential sources of substantial gifts and bequests, and the cultivation of interest in the School among these sources in order that they may be encouraged to provide such gifts and bequests.

In February 2009, the Law Alumni Council and the Law Board of Visitors formally merged to become one group which retained the name of the Law Board of Visitors. The separate missions and by-laws of each group were combined and revised to create a new board focus.


The 2013-2014 roster of members is below.

Mrs. Margaret Smith Abrams (’76, JD ’80)
Mrs. Marcia High Armstrong (JD ’83)
Mr. H. Grady Barnhill, Jr. (JD ’58)
Mr. Paul B. Bell, Sr. (’47, JD ’48)
Mr. Stephen R. Berlin (’81, JD ’84)
Mr. Joel Anderson Berly III (JD ’81)
Mr. G. Eugene Boyce (’54, JD ’56)
The Honorable W. Earl Britt (’56, JD ’58)
Mr. B. Scott Burton (’82, JD’86)
Mr. Porter B. Byrum (JD ’42)
Mr. Nelson Monroe Casstevens, Jr. (JD ’65)
Mr. Christopher R. Clifton (JD ’95)
Mr. W. Thompson Comerford, Jr. (’72, JD ’74)
Mr. Julius H. Corpening (’49)
Ms. Kelly K. Daughtry
Mr. Mark L. Drew (’83, JD ’88)
The Honorable Sidney S. Eagles, Jr. (’61, JD ’64)
Mr. Jack William Elliott (’78, JD ’81)
Mr. Mark Christopher Filburn (JD ’90)
Ms. Marilyn Ruth Forbes (JD ’81)
Mrs. Sarah Wesley Fox (JD ’83)
The Honorable Jerome B. Friedman (JD ’68)
Mr. David Malcolm Furr (’80, JD ’82)
Mr. Richard William Graber (P ’10)
Mr. David Wesley Greenfield (’72, JD ’75)
Mr. Henry A. Harkey (JD ’75)
Mr. Harry E. Hill, III (P ’16)
Mr. Kenneth Bartlett Howard (JD ’82)
The Honorable Malcolm J. Howard (JD ’70)
Mr. John Reid Hunter (JD ’86)
Mr. H. Terry Hutchens, Sr. (MBA ’74, JD ’77)
Mr. Kenneth O.C. Imo (JD ’02)
Mr. James Edwin Johnson, Jr. (’55, JD ’56)
Mr. Max E. Justice (JD ’70)
Chief Justice I. Beverly Lake, Jr. (’55, JD ’60)
Chief Judge John C. Martin (’65, JD ’67)
Mr. Max Daniel McGinn (’64, JD ’67)
Mr. Clifton Merritt Mount (JD ’88)
Mr. John F. Pendergast, Jr. (’77, JD ’80)
Mr. James K. Pendergrass, Jr. (JD ’86)
Mr. John Robert Perkinson (’71, JD ’81)
Mr. Henry C. Roemer, Jr. (P ’75, ’82)
Mr. Robert E. Schaaf (P ’11)
Mr. Michael James Sheehan (JD ’84)
Mr. Henry F. Sherrill (’43, JD ’47)
Mr. Richard David Soultanian (JD ’93)
Mrs. Bettie K. Sousa (JD ’81)
Mr. Daniel Russell Taylor (JD ’76)
The Honorable N. C. Tilley, Jr. (’66, JD ’69)
Mr. Charles E. Trefzger (JD ’84)
Mr. Fred D. Turnage (’43, JD ’48)
Mr. Russell E. Twiford (JD ’52)
The Hon. George L. Wainwright, Jr. (JD ’84)
The Honorable Ralph A. Walker (’58, JD ’63)
Mr. Jeffrey Scott Whittle (JD/MBA ’91)
Mr. W. Fred Williams, Sr. (’38, JD ’40)
The Honorable Samuel G. Wilson (JD ’74)
Mr. James Bradley Wilson (JD  ’78)