Law Board of Visitors

The mission of the Law Board of Visitors is to use its legal, business, nonprofit, and community experience to help the School of Law develop and implement its mission and goals. The LBOV serves as the primary consultant for the ongoing improvement of programs and processes and helps keep the School of Law informed of new business trends and practices. The LBOV also helps identify internship and career opportunities and provides support and assistance for fundraising efforts of the School of Law.

Peggy Abrams (’76, JD ’80, P ’05, P ’19)Terry Hutchens Sr. (MBA ’74, JD ’77, P ’99)
Yemi Adegbonmire (’00, JD ’05)David Knight (JD ’94)
Joe Alala III (JD ’96, MBA ’96)Karen Knutson (JD ’96)
Linda Appleby (JD ’83, P ’15)Jeff Miller (JD/MBA ’96)
Craig Baldauf (JD ’96)Mike Mitchell (’86, JD ’89, P ’18, P ’24)
Shauna Barnes (JD ’10)Cliff Mount (JD ’88)
Ryan Bouley (JD ’07)Allison Mullins (’93, JD ’96)
Bonita Brown (’94, JD ’97)Bobbi Noland (’86, JD ’89, P ’12)
T.L. Brown (’99, JD ’03, MBA ’08)Pat O’Bryant (MSL ’22)
Julie Caperton (JD ’98)Kim Parker (JD ’93)
Jane Cibik (JD ’91, P ’25)Andy Penry (JD ’79)**
Jessie Cohan (JD ’06)Marilyn Phillips (JD ’81)
Keenan Conder (JD ’89)Will Pittman Jr. (’00, JD/MBA ’05)
Annamarie D’Souza (JD ’91, MBA ’00)Charles Raynal IV (JD ’00)
Dan Diffley (JD ’00)Bill Reingold II (JD ’83, P ’19)
Mark DuBose (JD/MBA ’97)Fritz Richter III (’77, JD ’80)
Jack Elliott (’78, JD ’81, P ’10, P ’17, P ’18)Eric Rogers (JD ’91)
Zhen “Katie” Feng (LL.M. ’02)Chandler Rose (JD ’04)
Mark Filburn (JD ’90, P ’19)Leslie Sample (JD ’12)
ChenFan “Forrest” Fu (LL.M. ’07, JD ’10)Wade Sample (JD ’12)
Chelsea Garrett (JD ’06)Mike Sheehan (JD ’84)
Chris Greco (JD ’07)Dave Shouvlin (’74, JD ’79)
Chris Green (JD ’00)Todd Sloan (MSL ’21)
Meredith Green (JD ’10)Rich Soultanian (JD ’93, P ’26, P ’26)
Jeff Harvey (JD/MBA ’97)Bettie Sousa (JD ’81, P ’10)
Kate Hatcher (JD ’95)*Susan Sparks (JD ’87)
Greg Hatcher (JD ’93)Dixie Wells (JD ’99)
Stephen Hawthornthwaite (JD ’96)Jeffrey Whittle (JD/MBA ’91, P ’23)
Reid Hunter (JD ’86)Jan Yarborough (JD ’87)
**Chair of the LBOV
*Incoming Chair of the LBOV for FY25