Giving Back

Why Make a Gift to the WFU Law School?

  • Every WFU law student has benefited from the philanthropy of others. Tuition covers only about 66 percent of the cost of a law student’s education at WFU; gifts from alumni and friends have made up the difference since the beginning of the Wake Forest law program. Scholarships exist because of the generosity of individuals like you.
  • Alumni gifts – regardless of the amount – are critical to the continued success of Wake Forest Law School. Your financial support maintains our small class size, low faculty-student ratio, individual attention, attractive facilities, travel funds for trial teams, library resources and much more.
  • Every gift provides something the Law School would not have otherwise. From computer software in the library to guest lecturers in the auditorium, each gift translates to a significant enhancement for WFU law students.
  • The Law School only has two true sources of revenue: tuition dollars and charitable gifts from alumni and friends. To remain as affordable as possible, the Law School is committed to holding tuition down. For this reason, we are asking all of our alumni and friends to support us financially so we can continue to make the necessary investments in our program without dramatically increasing tuition.