Student Giving Campaign

What is the Student Giving Campaign?

The student giving campaign is an opportunity for all law students to make a gift to The Wake Forest Fund for the School of Law.

The Wake Forest Law Fund is an unrestricted fund, which means that donations are not earmarked for special projects and fund a broad array of school functions.

Current student participation is important because it is considered a measure of student engagement when compared to our peer schools. When current students give back to the law school, it helps to be able to report that such a high percentage of the students are financially supportive and believe in the law school’s future.

Student and alumni giving participation has helped us establish the reputation that we have today as a top law school. When you make a pledge you become part of our heritage of giving and help us stay strong – something that benefits you and the value of your degree. The state does not subsidize Wake Forest as it does with other public institutions. Our subsidy is from donors and friends. Without support, the law school would have no choice but to raise tuition and increase class size.

Why Give?

Among other things, this fund supports:

  • Student scholarships
  • Research stipends – stipends for faculty members allow them to pursue research that forwards the legal profession and the law school reputation
  • Salaries for Research Assistants
  • Travel for moot court and trial teams
  • Guest speakers and symposia events
  • Tuition supplements
  • Student Clubs
  • Technology upgrades
  • Clinic support (no clinic has an endowed fund to support its operations)
  • Travel for the Appellate Advocacy Clinic students
  • 3L Metropolitan Externship
  • Pro Bono Project

No gift is too small!