WFU School of law – 3L declares success

Third year law students wrapped up the 3L fundraising campaign on March 30th after raising over $7,700 for the Law Fund. Students surpassed their goal of increasing participation to 85% over last year’s participation of 77%. Clara Cottrell (JD ’07) and John Mitchell (JD ’07) served as the committee co-chairs and led a committee of 18 people who successfully encouraged their peers to support the Law Fund.

Several students won gift cards during the week for completing their pledge cards by the end of the campaign. The winners included Jennifer Erickson (JD ’07), Chad Fights (JD ’07), Brian Focht (JD ’07), Sam Harvey (JD ’07), and Adam Roark (JD ’07). Laniey Gilmer (JD ’07) and Beth Kuhnlein (JD ’07) also won gift cards to the Village Tavern during a celebration party that was held on March 30th at the Foothills Brewery in Winston-Salem.